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The Adventurer's Guide to Swordmaster Odyssey

This handy companion guide to Swordmaster Odyssey is meant to treat the reader to the inner workings of the world and characters within the story. While the comic is meant to be a complete entity by itself, this guide includes details that are designed to give depth to the people and customs of Pannotia. Some of these details are mentioned in the comic itself, while others are being discussed here for the first time. And who knows? Some may even be expanded on later in the story! There's much to discover ahead, so feel free to proceed at your own pace.


But be warned, there are spoilers ahead for those who read on without caution! If you don't want to spoil yourself, each entry has a chapter listed beside it on this contents page. If you've that chapter in the comic already, then you're good to go. Of course, if you stay up-to-date and read every page as it comes out, then the whole guide is open to you!



  Hayden Chapter 1
  Kevin Eisner Chapter 4
  Jessie de Antrim Chapter 1
NEW! General Robert de Fuchsia Chapter 5



  The Commonwealth Chapter 1


History and Culture

  Doctors and Medicine in the Commonwealth Chapter 4
NEW! Monster Calling Chapter 8



  An Introduction to Monsters Chapter 1
  Razor Worm Chapter 2
  Turantucor Chapter 2
  War Bat Chapter 1