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I may seem like a greedy, inhuman mercenary to you, but these people are depending on me with their lives. I will not disgrace myself by letting my employers down.


SEX: Male

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 191cm (6'3")

HANDEDNESS: Mixed; Favors Left

OCCUPATION: Bodyguard-For-Hire

ORIGIN: Unknown


Hayden is a largely obscure mercenary, but among those who know of him, his demanding prices have become famous. A wanderer without a home, it is unknown what region he originally hailed from, though it is reasonably safe to assume that he is not a citizen of the Commonwealth.

Hayden seems to enjoy his work at least to some degree and possesses a strong sense of honor and duty. This mindset may explain why he refuses to take on more than one job at once, regardless of whether or not they overlap in some way. His skills are said to be average, which leads some to question the fees he charges, but he claims to have never failed a task given to him by an employer. Whether or not this is actually true can be debated, but his level-headed nature in battle and inhuman luck seem to indicate that it is.

Because Hayden was already traveling to the Outlying Provinces when he chanced across the merchant family seen in Chapter 1, he sought to make a few extra bucks and offered them an extraordinary discount for his services.


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