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Kevin Eisner

Don't just leave me here! There's no telling what might come along and eat me...


SEX: Male

AGE: 16

HEIGHT: 173cm (5'8")


OCCUPATION: Apprentice Military Strategist

ORIGIN: Magenta, Rayne Province


The eldest son of the esteemed Dr. Kane Eisner. His sense of sarcastic humor often rubs roughly on other people, especially Jessie, a girl whom he has hired to be his bodyguard. Although he claims to be on an important mission on behalf of loyalists to the Viceroy-Queen of the Outlying Provinces, he never seems to be in a hurry to explain the details, and Jessie often finds him goofing off more than anything else.


Although they are not nobles themselves, his family's bloodline entitles them to retain a surname under Commonwealth law. Kevin can trace his family line back to Earl Methuselah Eisner, a Taklaman hero. Kevin is also a pure-blooded Tule, one of the two native peoples of the Outlying Provinces. He wanted to become a surgeon like his father, but a severe injury to his right shoulder has made this difficult as he has poor control of his entire right arm.


When Warlord Keaton's separatist faction began gaining power in the aftermath of a failed coup attempt, Kevin ran away from home to join the loyalist militia. Due to his injury, he was deemed unfit for military service and assigned to a logistics group where he assisted military strategists in setting up supply lines. His problem solving skills and knack for stealth have already earned him some praise from his commanding officers. Just before the start of Swordmaster Odyssey's main narrative, Kevin was transferred to an intelligence division.


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