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Jessie de Antrim

Jessie de Antrim

"If you didn't want my advice, then why did you ask for it?"



SEX: Female

AGE: 15

HEIGHT: 137cm (4'6")


OCCUPATION: Villein, Mason's Daughter

ORIGIN: Antrim, Ulster Province


A headstrong teenager and one of the central protagonists of Swordmaster Odyssey. Although a capable fighter, she doesn't consider herself much of a tomboy and is quick to remind others that she's a girl. The story begins just before her arrival in the Outlying Provinces.

Jessie was born to a small family in the rural village of Antrim, where her father makes a living as a mason. She has one sibling, an older brother named Angelo. Her shield originally belonged to him, and it bears the emblem of Ulster Province, while the white scarf she wears was given to her by her childhood friend Will for good luck in her journey. It was Angelo that taught Jessie and Will the art of swordplay when they were young. She can be very impatient and likes things done her way, but is also very compassionate and will try to help others to the best of her ability. Still, her stubbornness tends to get her into trouble.

It is important to note that Jessie has no surname, as she is not a descendant of any noble line. “De Antrim” denotes that she originates from Antrim, and outside of government documents and genealogies she cannot legally call herself “Jessie de Antrim”. This modern naming convention is used by certain administrations within the Commonwealth government (chief among them the postal service), and has become the center of some controversy among the noble classes. It is equally acceptable to refer to her as “Jessie de Ulster”, but she is listed as "Jessie de Antrim" in her family's genealogy, as well as in all Antrim's village annals.


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