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"Whatever the reason, monsters continue to invoke the curiosities and fears of children and adults alike. In their wake, the tales of noble heroes' battles inspire awe and bravery, while the dark fate of travelers and villages conjure up despair. Perhaps it could be said that monsters are the epitome of the human condition."

-Introduction to Moore's Encyclopedia of Monsters, 3rd Edition


Monsters are a classification creatures that are more or less unique to the continent of Pannotia. They take on a wide range of forms and appearances, are believed to be neither flora nor fauna, but something entirely different.


A monster cocoon forming around a grove of trees.

All known monsters start out as spores of a Ya'te'veo plant. These spores are carried on the winds and waves and can quickly travel across the continent. Eventually they settle and take on the form of a cocoon. The cocoon grows quickly and eventually opens to reveal a fully-formed monster. Because these cocoons grow so rapidly and deteriorate within an hour of the monster emerging, they are very rarely seen. Children are constantly reminded never to touch them, and to warn an adult if they find one.


Huge rewards for cocoon specimens have been offered by numerous naturalists and institutions, yet have only yielded a handful for study. As such, many details of the life cycle and biology of monsters continues to elude explanation.


One of the defining characteristics of a monster is their hostility towards the whole of mankind. It is rare for most monsters to bother the wildlife of a given area. Instead, they prowl the roads for wayfarers and assemble in hiding outside the borders of settlements. A few species of monster are even known to openly attack villages and towns in broad daylight. This behavior is a great mystery, as few monsters seem to draw any sustenance or benefit from their prey. Indeed, few monsters appear to eat or drink anything in order to survive.


Many creatures are referred to colloquially as monsters when, in fact, they are no such thing. For example, the beast belonging to the merchant family Jessie travels with in chapter one is a type of lesser behemoth, a creature known for its docile nature. Its strange appearance to those unfamiliar with Pannotia lead them to believe it is a monster, but it is really nothing more than a common beast. Dragons are also commonly cited as monsters, but this is also a misnomer. Despite their general animosity towards humans, they are not born of the Ya'te'veo and must eat and drink to survive.


In the past, a few groups have sought a way to utilize monsters on the battlefield, but all attempts have ended in disaster.


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