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General Robert "Thanatos" de Fuchsia

Why is it taking so long for us to swipe a petty sheet of paper from a bunch of children?

-General Robert

SEX: Male

AGE: 57

HEIGHT: 201cm (6'7")


OCCUPATION: General, Statesman

ORIGIN: Fuchsia, Langford Province


A well-rounded man, often remembered for his bushy eyebrows, who was once a general in the service of the Viceroy-Queen. He is a Nabuin, though he can also trace a bit of his ancestral roots to the Tule as well. His loyalty has always been first and foremost to the people of the Outlying Provinces. Though he served faithfully for many years, his ideals clashed with those of the Commonwealth, and he retired his post as general in order to found the "Society for a Free Nibiru-Tule". The Society's aim was the restoration of autonomous independence for the Outlying Provinces, and it gathered a great many members who authored numerous articles in favor of the matter. Robert himself wrote two books, The New Golden Age and Children of Nibiru-Tule, arguing that a peaceful, diplomatic solution to independence was completely within reach if the Viceroy-Queen's government pursued it. Both books were best-sellers across the Commonwealth, and Children of Nibiru-Tule is even said to have been a favorite of Prime Minister Fortuna.


Yet despite its great appeal to the people, the Society was disbanded some four years before the events of Swordmaster Odyssey by direct order of the Viceroy-Queen, who deemed it 'troublesome'. Disheartened and feeling betrayed after his years of service to her, Robert wrote a fiery article that was printed in newspapers across the realm. The article attacked the Viceroy-Queen and condemned her disbandment of the Society as "an unnecessary affront to the peace deserved by every child of Nibiru-Tule. Not once did I or the esteemed members of the Society suggest that we take up arms or otherwise rebel against the state. [...] And yet now I am branded a traitor by so many of you. No! I tell you my friends, it is not I, but the Viceroy-Queen who is a traitor!" Although he soon came to regret the article and published a lengthy retraction, the damage was already done. The Viceroy-Queen had his writings banned in the Outlying Provinces and threatened to exile him.


Frustrated, he began a hiking tour of the Outlying Provinces to clear his mind, writing short articles about his experiences under the pen name Thanatos. During this journey, he was personally introduced to Warlord Keaton by an old acquaintance of his, a former Society member who went by the name "Silver". Robert was impressed by Keaton's explanations of how he planned to oust the Vicery-Queen and split the Outlying Provinces from the Commonwealth using minimal force. After several such meetings, Robert formally joined Keaton's cause.


Even after his dramatic feud with the Viceroy-Queen, Robert has continued to be an endearing public figure. His numerous works, while still banned in the Outlying Provinces, continue to spark debate throughout the Commonwealth. He has two daughters and a wife of thirty-two years, whom he still writes to daily.


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