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War Bat


"But is it as notable as a war bat?" -A common, sarcastic saying denoting something or someone as unimpressive


War bats are a four-winged flying monster that are commonly sighted in mountainous areas of the world. They can grow as long as two or three meters in length with an equally impressive wingspan, but are usually smaller. They tend to hunt in small groups of four or five but are well known for their skittish, cowardly nature, generally retreating at the mere sight of a wielded weapon. For this reason, their attacks are usually confined to small children who have wandered off on their own.


When war bats do attack, they either do so with their talons, or by spewing a noxious cloud of gas. Although known to be highly toxic, very few people have ever died from inhaling the poison of a war bat.


In the first chapter of Swordmaster Odyssey, a group of war bats initiate a coordinated attack against Jessie and the merchant family that she is traveling with—the first sign that something is very wrong in the Outlying Provinces.


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