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Razor Worm


"Stupid parasites..." -Jessie


Razor worms are a parasitic creature that are famous for living on and feeding off of the exoskeletons of turantucores. They are so named for their razor-like appendages that they use to fend off predetors and attract mates. It has been well established for many centuries that they are not a type of monster. The relationship with the turantucore is beliebed to be beneficial to both species as the razor worms give the turantucore an extra line of defense.


Razor worms in the wild average around 6 to 7 meters in length and can support themselves by holding their body up and slithering along using their tail, or by pulling themselves along with their spiny legs. They are more formidable than the Turantucores they feed off of because they are quicker and more coordinated in their attacks, not to mention the fact that they carry no shortage of diseases.


Recently, a team in Abduco announced that they had successfully begun to breed razor worms as pets. These domesticated razor worms only grow to a length of about 1.5 meters, are more resistant to disease, and are reported to be very friendly around humans.


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