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Monster Calling


"Whosoever that is found to have called, harkened, conveneed, rallied, or otherwise summoned a creature known to the state as being a monster shall forthwith be christened a criminal and a traitor to the crown, and shall be disciplined in a manner deemed suitable by the lord of the fief in which the transgression came to pass.

-seventh clause of the Edict of Reparations


Monster calling is the act of summoning a monster, usually by means of an aerophone, such as a monster whistle. It was once a common pastime among certain groups, who would attempt to dispatch the monsters that answered the call. Different monsters can be summoned depending on the pitch and tone of the call, and a number of more complex melodies have been devised that have proven effective in attracting an even wider range of creatures. Monster calling is most effective on large monsters; only a small handful of lesser monsters respond to any known call.


In modern times the practice has largely been banned, in no small part thanks to long history of monster callers who failed to defeat the monster they summoned, leaving them to destroy nearby cities and villages. It is certainly a dangerous business when one considers that there is no way to control a summoned monster, and the process of attracting them often raises their ire.


Monster calling has long been practiced by the Tule people, and it is still legal to perform the act within the borders of the Outlying Provinces.


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