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"If not for the overwhelming evidence that it is a direct product of the Ya'te'veo, I would be hard-pressed to say that the Turantucor is a monster at all." -from the field journal of Colonel Horus, His Majesty's 4th Regiment



Few monsters can strike as much terror into the hearts of weary travelers as the trantucor. This fear no doubt stems from its strong resemblance to a giant spider, but it is largely undeserved. Turantucores are very obtuse creatures and rarely attack unless provoked. They dislike populated areas and prefer to keep to themselves in remote mountainous areas. This has led to a large debate as to whether or not they are even monsters at all. The most recent edition of the respected Moore's Encyclopedia of Monsters does not carry an entry for this creature, which has sparked no small deal of controversy in the scientific community.


Turantucores are among the largest of all monsters, some growing well over 50 meters tall. They are easily recognized by the odd glass-like orb (sometimes mistaken for an eye), called a “core”, that is embedded in top top of its abdomen. The core is thought to function like a sort of heart for the beast. Destroying the core will eliminate the monster entirely. Despite their placid nature, they can be dangerous, and the parasitic Razor Worms that live off them are known to carry disease.


The turantucor has been a popular subject in Pannotian literature for centuries. The Epic of Konrad contains no less than fifty direct refrences to the creature, and the popular children's book Rook and the Princess's Stone recently featured a "friendly turantucor" as the titular hero's mount.


In Chapter 2, Kevin used a turantucor in order to gauge Jessie's skill. Despite what he said to the contrary, the nearby villages were not in any kind of danger.


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