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Swordmaster Odyssey: An Introduction

The Commonwealth, superpower of the continent of Pannotia, has long enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity under the guard of the Prime Minister's dragoons. However, trouble is said to be brewing in the west and foul rumors tell of monsters attacking human settlements in broad daylight. A year ago, at the request of Parliament, the Prime Minister sent a handful of dragoons to scout the western Outlying Provinces.


One of those dragoons was the elder brother of fifteen-year-old Jessie, a young woman who has taken it upon herself to journey alone to the Outlying Provinces alone. Hoping to find news of her brother's whereabouts, she will soon learn that there are more to the rumors from the west than just mindless gossip. Soft-spoken, but determined, her journey begins...

About the Author

Dale Johnson is a freelance artist and animator currently living in Kentucky. In the grand tradition of webcomic artists, he spends most of his time being late for updates.