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Time to Clean Out Cobwebs

Friday June 10, 2011

I'm back, and I've brought with me not one, not two, but three new pages! If not for the sudden onslaught of a cold, you would have even gotten four. How cool is that?


These three pages are very different from all previous pages in one regard: they were all laid out, sketched, and inked digitally in Photoshop instead of on bristol board like I used to do. This not only cuts down on costs (bristol board is expensive) it cuts down on time; far more than I would have expected, too. I was actually able to churn about one a day. Granted, their layout is simpler than most other pages, but the pace I was able to maintain was very much welcome.


There will be another update next week, so I've removed the haitus notice—for now. I'll also try to add an Adventurer's Guide entry or two during the week.


On a Roll

Friday June 17, 2011

Well, would you look at that. I actually updated a second week in a row! Things are looking up.


The first of these two pages was something of a pain because of all the effects. I'm still not happy with it, and I'm not sure how easy Silver's pose is to read. It's hard to tell which side is his back and which is his front, I think. On a similar note, Jessie doesn't quite look right to me in that first panel on the second page. I haven't really drawn her in over a year, so I guess that's what happens. Not that any of these characters are ever on-model... *sigh*


Just a few more pages in this chapter and then we can move on to something where the lighting doesn't make my head explode trying to pull it off.


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