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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes this webcomic?
Dale Johnson writes and illustrates Swordmaster Odyssey. Emily Johnson created the base software that runs the site, which was futher customized and tweaked to work with the site layout.
Do you have an affiliate program, or participate in link exchanges?
No, sorry. Although we may feature links to other web sites, Vision Riders does not have a link exchange program.
Will there be a print version?
The plan from the outset was to have the comic printed in book form. However, at this time there just isn't enough interest.
Why isn't wasn't Swordmaster Odyssey colored [at first]?
Printing costs are were one concern. Colored ink and the paper needed for it can be as much as five to ten times more expensive than paper and ink for black and white. It also takes a long time to color and tweak the artwork. Doing it in grayscale allows more pages to be completed in less time. Finally, though, enough made a big deal about it and the pages were done in color beginning with Book 2.
How do you make Swordmaster Odyssey?
It starts the old-fashioned way: on 11x17 bristol board! The artwork is first laid out in pencil, and then inked with art pens. After the pencil work has all been erased leaving only the ink, the page is then scanned into the computer and cleaned up in Photoshop. Any mistakes in the artwork are usually corrected at this point, and the color and backgrounds are added. Finally, all the dialogue balloons and lettering are added in Adobe Illustrator.
How long does it take to make a single page?
It depends. Simple pages may only take a couple hours, but more complicated ones take as long as five hours or more. (Now that the pages are all colored, it leans heavily towards the "more" part.) The more panels, characters, objects, and scenery on the page, the longer it will take. This doesn't include the time that it takes to plan the story and layout upcoming pages, things which often have to be tweaked on the fly.
I've got this great idea for Swordmaster Odyssey! How can I send it to you?
If you have a lot of great ideas, you should look into creating your own webcomic. Really, it's fun!
Can I interview you for a homework project/website/school paper/news journal/etc.
While I can't guarantee that I'll have time to speak with you one-on-one, you're more than welcome to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have. We'll try our best to reply.
Where can I find paper to make comic books on?
I use special 11x17 sized comic book paper with the margins and bleed all marked off in non-photo blue. There are several different brands of this paper which can be found at many different retailers. Try an art store, or you can look online. If possible, go for the Strathmore paper; several brands provide this option. Keep in mind, however, that you'll need an oversized scanner for that size paper which will run you a pretty penny, and you can't find them just anywhere. Alternatively, you could buy smaller-sized bristol board (make sure that it's smooth) and then mark off the margins yourself with a ruler and a square. Printer paper is also a perfectly fine solution, although the end result may not look quite as good depending on how you plan to ink it. A cheap lightbox helps here because you may not be able to just ink over the pencil with printer paper due to difficulty of erasing anything off the rougher, thinner paper. If you have a Wacom tablet (or something similar) you could also just do it all in the computer. Some people are even able to pull it off with just a mouse (and some of them even draw much better than I do).
Is there any way that I can work for Vision Riders Entertainment?
Sorry, but there's not. We're a small studio, and if we need someone we usually already have someone in mind.